Benchmarking Against Attrition: Providing Industry Visibility via Data-Driven Analytics

Within a year’s time, one of our healthcare provider clients was experiencing significant headcount growth, mainly as a result of call center roles. However, along with this type of growth, a negative trend of successful assignment finishes also emerged. While it was validated that the call center positions were driving the negative attrition, the issue became finding out whether or not the rate of successful finishes fell within the industry norm.

To gauge our client’s performance within the call center space, an industry benchmark was needed. Leveraging ACUMEN, Allegis Global Solutions’ (AGS) proprietary data portal that provides our clients a powerful analytics platform to measure success and identify trends associated with their engaged non-employer worker community, we were able to use the regional occupation code for “call center/customer service” to identify similar roles across our portfolio of clients and create a benchmark for comparison.

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