Contractor Incentive Program

Our manufacturing customer utilizes two primary call centers based in the United States, each with its own vendor on premise (VOP) supplier. As their managed services provider (MSP), Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) noted that attrition rates were generally higher within these call centers than is standard. AGS was challenged to collect and assess feedback from suppliers, contractors, and managers to uncover potential influencers for higher-than-average attrition rates as well as provide a resolution.

To learn why workers were voluntarily leaving their positions, AGS began analyzing data collected by suppliers during contractor exit interviews. Though there were a variety of reasons uncovered, one common grievance was pay rate. To address the issue, AGS recommended the instillation of pay increases based on performance evaluations conducted at six months and one year of service. Under the new policy, contractors were evaluated with scorecards provided by customer managers to measure attendance, work performance, after hours calls, effective use of time, quality of calls, and interpersonal skills.

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