A Flavor of Things to Come

In this episode, we sit down with Bruce Morton Head of Strategy from Allegis Global Solutions. He breaks down what you can expect to hear in 2020 on Subject to Talent.
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F: Welcome to Subject to Talent. Brought to you by Allegis Global Solutions. Similar to you we are always trying to learn more. On this podcast we speak to talent experts around the world. Covering workforce management market trends, technology and a forever evolving dynamic industry.

F: Hey, everyone my name is Frank Edge from Allegis Global Solutions and I'm so excited to bring you this new podcast. I will be here with you each episode as my partners and I interview industry experts.

F: Today we have the pleasure spending time with Bruce Morton he is a talent acquisition and work design expert. He has been with AGS for almost tens years, but he's been in the industry for over forty years. His role consists of adding increase value to clients through new services and product idea generation and he's helped develop many programs here at AGS including the global alliance between AGS and Talent2. He is not only a great leader for a company, but is the author of Redesigning the Way Work Works. We are so happy to have this opportunity for Bruce to be on Subject to Talent.

F: Hey, Bruce How's it going? Can you tell us a little bit about you?

B: Yeah. Hi, Frank. Good to speak to today. So, Bruce Morton, Head of Strategy for Allegis Global Solutions. Speaking to you today from my home in Connecticut I have been in the US now for ten years. Been in the industry a lot longer than that, but it's been very kind to me and I've been able to work all over the world a before I came here I was in Australia, before that Hong Kong, and before that in London, and my job as head of strategy is to really work with our clients to help them see into the future see around the corner. All things, in the world of work.

F: Thank you. And you work for Allegis Global Solutions. Can you can you tell us a bit about the organization?

B: Yeah, of course. So, Allegis Global Solutions, we're part of the Allegis Group of families, which we own a number of large staffing firms all over the world. And the Allegis Global Solutions arm is the managed service business. So we have three elements to the business. We have the RPO business, which is the helps organizations with their permanent hiring or hiring of FTEs and then we have our procurement solutions business, which works with organizations to manage their service providers of labor. And then, MSP which is the staff aug. Otherwise, the, we, we are finding and managing contingent workers, freelancers for our clients.

F: So Bruce, I know that you've been in this industry for quite some time

B: Ok I’ll say it, forty years. Yup let's just get it out there.

F: Forty years ok that is a pretty impressive stint and I think it is also safe to say not many in this industry you know go to school grow up dreaming that they're going to be in this space. So, can I ask how did you get in this industry? How did you get here?

B: Yeah, I mean, forty years ago. It wasn't even a well-known industry. I'd like to think that there are some people in college right. Right now that actually see this industry as a career. But back, then, certainly not. In fact, my head of careers at school told me that I should get into printing, because everybody will always buy newspapers. So little that he knows, but like most people back in the day I was looking for a job in sales actually, and I went through a recruitment agency and said, hey, can you find me a job? And I guess I must have said something they like, hey, do you wanna work here? Can you start Monday and that was it I never look back.

F: Nice

B: I'm very very grateful that I've enjoyed every minute of the industry in the last forty years.

F: Amazing. Thank you and can you let our listeners know the idea behind why we wanted to create this podcast?

B: Yeah and I'm super excited that we're here on launch day. I think that in today's world of corporate world is very important that we have a platform to humanize our business and to let people in. And I think a podcast is great way of doing that. And another reason we're choosing the podcast forum, is that we're all we're all incredibly busy and we all work like crazy hours so I think it's getting harder and harder for people to take a solid hour or two to listen to a webinar, or even take a day to attend a conference. So, I think taking small chunk size pieces of information and knowledge through a podcast. Hopefully, it'll be a lot of value to our clients out there and people that are passionate about our industry as we are

F: Like you were saying earlier, it's little chunks where they can listen when when people want to

B: Yeah.

F: Yeah and whenever it's convenient to them. Great we've got a lot of great topics lined up. Really, really exciting episodes coming up. So, what kind of things can the listeners look forward to hearing?

B: Yea I think it’s different themes really. If we think about your hometown right now. You’re in the U.K. and obviously we've got the IR35, the dreaded Brexit that we don't like to speak about, but we have to. And those things have a tremendous impact on the way the world works and the way that people are allowed to manage and attract talent and how they contract with that talent. So I think there's a whole piece around compliance that did not just in the U.K. there's examples of course that's impacting the workforce globally. And then this thing, all things tech through our partnership with TalentTech Labs. We have a great ability to see what’s latest and greatest from a technology perspective and the HR and procurement world. So we’re gonna be bringing some of those folks in to share with the audience of not only what technology is out there. But that tends to give us a glimpse into the future, the technologies that we invested in today a bit of a clue into how organizations are thinking about workforce in the future.

F: There are some really exciting topics. I'm looking forward to everyone hearing. Yeah. I really hope our listeners get value from that. That's that's so exciting. What do you think the top focuses will be for our listeners in 2020?

B: Yeah, I think the, what we're seeing now is a organizations starting to realize that it's no longer just about attracting the best talent anymore its about really understanding the best ways and the optimal ways to get work done because we think about that and think about okay I have a piece of work to get done of a project to get done should I use employees for that? Should I bring some contracts in for a period of time? Should I outsource elements of that. What about this so called gig economy? All the people around the world that can do bite size pieces of work through a freelance platform. So you know it's our role I guess our responsibility to sit across all of that for our clients and to really dig in with them just to answer that question. What is the best way to get work done? And I think that's going to be an overarching theme for many years to come.

F: Amazing. And I guess with our work and all the clients that we speak to we will be hearing about pockets of information over all of that spectrum, and hopefully, we can share about it in this podcast.

B: Absolutely.

F: Amazing. Thank you very much. That was a final question, Bruce Morton. Thank you for your time.

B: Thank you Frank great talking to you!

F: Thanks for listening. We hope you got a flavor of things to come special thanks to Bruce for spending some time with us today. If you'd like to learn more about AGS please check us out at Allegisglobalsolutions.com If you have any questions for us, or Bruce feel free to tweet us @allegisglobal with the #subjecttotalent. You can also email us at subjecttotalent@allegisglobalsolutions.com. If you enjoyed our podcast today, please subscribe rate us and leave a review. Until next time. Cheers!