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AI Building Blocks for Recruiting: Converting Skeptics into Believers


Artificial intelligence represents an unprecedented opportunity for employers and recruiters to not only be better at their jobs, but better business partners and advisors, too. These technologies effectively eliminate the need for the often resource intensive, highly routine and highly manual work recruiters spend too much time on, freeing them to focus on the things that really matter, like building better relationships – and better outcomes – with internal stakeholders and external candidates alike. Of course, with so many point solutions and SaaS suites, platforms, and programs out there, it can be difficult to know where to start when considering how to build the best AI stack for your talent organisation.

While there are a ton of AI tools out there, their capabilities differ greatly, as do the specific value propositions and business challenges these instances were programmed to solve. If you’re thinking about including AI as part of your talent technology investment (and every employer probably should), the best way to start is by identifying which specific recruiting related problems you’re looking to solve through an AI instance, and allocating your spend to solving those specific challenges.

Check out this new white paper hot off the presses from Allegis Global Solutions for some of the best ways you can put AI to work at your work today.

Because when high touch meets high tech, everyone wins.

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