From Doctors to Developers

Helping a Healthcare Leader Harness Human Potential Across the Extended Workforce

Impact At a Glance


Savings after resetting rates to market value, and improved volume and demand management


contingent workers properly onboarded


Growth in spend under management, enabling better cost control, access to talent and compliance

Meeting Missions: Optimizing the Healthcare Extended Workforce

As the leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases, our client has a clear mission: deliver lifesaving care and treatment compassionately, effectively and responsibly.

From doctors to developers, this healthcare organization requires a myriad of clinical and nonclinical talent to achieve this mission. Yet, while each department and location was focused on this shared purpose, the way each engaged flexible resources varied greatly, leading to unintentional yet persistent challenges: inconsistent processes, a lack of visibility into contingent workforce spend, compliance risks and limited access to the full supply of available workers.

Taking Action: Streamlining the Supply Chain

Our client took action to bring its siloed channels of extended workforce engagement into a single managed service provider (MSP) program to address these ongoing challenges. They moved from a sole-source vendor approach focused only on clinical specific nursing roles, to engaging Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) as part of a broader extended workforce management strategy.

While AGS was initially brought on to implement an MSP program to support non-clinical workers – and vetting more than 70 suppliers to support these roles – we assumed responsibility over the incumbent MSP’s clinical workforce management within our first year of partnership. Moving from the incumbent’s preferred-vendor MSP to a vendor-neutral program with over 30 suppliers and broader access to talent helped establish a stable, customized, results-driven supply chain.

By the end of our second year of partnership, our MSP was supporting the client’s full contingent workforce in all fields, including:

  • Non-clinical skills: Administrative roles, professional/engineering and IT (70+ suppliers)
  • Clinical roles: Chronic and acute dialysis RNs, patient care technicians and assorted other roles (30+ suppliers)
  • Light industrial (20+ suppliers)

Delivering Impact: Total Transformative Workforce Management

Breaking down silos opened the door to greater consistency, compliance and collaboration in how our client leverages the extended workforce. More consistency in rates and skills management helped control unmeasured spend. In all, the move to AGS has yielded more than $9 million in cost savings in its first two years while achieving the strategic advantages needed to succeed in a demanding healthcare arena.

Enhanced visibility and consistency across talent categories also helped rein in regulatory risk like data protection and privacy, worker classification and the management of needed certifications in many fields. Since its launch, AGS has vetted more than 4,000 workers through a common process that provides a new level of enterprise vigilance on all extended workforce compliance needs.

Larger spend under management enables more effective outcomes in managing costs, access to talent and compliance across the workforce. Prior to its partnership with AGS, the company managed roughly $35 million in known contingent workforce spend. During year one of having AGS as its MSP, our client was able to bring in its unmeasured spend into this single program, increasing their spend under management to $70 million; as of year three, the program is now managing between $95 to $120 million, aligning with business and market demand.

In switching from a niche clinical MSP to a global workforce solutions partner like AGS, our client is now equipped with the scale and scope to support the entirety of their extended workforce. Plus, the added visibility positions them for true data-led decision making that not only helps them meet today’s challenges but position them for future growth ahead.