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Social Sourcing in APAC 10 Best Practices You Need to Know

Social sourcing requires a fundamentally different approach than traditional recruiting methods.

Traditional recruiting methods are rooted in a procurement model. They are similar to the process an organisation might use to source raw materials, new production equipment or office supplies: Management identifies a need and sets requirements. The recruitment team is tasked to go out to the marketplace and find the best “product” – i.e., candidate – and negotiate a contract at an acceptable price.

This process tends to be top down, job-specific, linear, and time-bound: Managers approve a search to fill a position. The recruiting team creates an ad based on the job description and posts the ad on recruiting sites. Resumes come in, candidates are evaluated, the field is winnowed, finalists are interviewed, a winner is selected, an offer is made, the position is filled and the job is closed. Each job search is a unique project, operating on its own timeline, which may or may not be coordinated with other searches going on at the same time.

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