Branded MSP Program

Prior to transitioning to a managed provider (MSP) programme with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), hiring managers experienced dissatisfaction with the incumbent provider’s services. They wanted a more hands-on MSP model to allow additional focus on shortlisting of candidates, speed, and higher quality of talent being submitted. Similarly staffing suppliers had been frustrated with the lack of communication that impacted their ability to support the programme. In order to drive their new programme, our customer needed a way to re-educate their internal teams on the benefits of participation in an MSP programme, and to re-energise the supply base.

As part of the programme discovery and implementation phase, our customer leadership supported an initiative to create a brand to associate with the MSP programme. The idea was to give a name to their organisation’s ability to acquire human capital from a single resource with standardised, proven processes. As the MSP programme expanded into new countries, it would become increasingly important to outline the services and support available from the AGS programme office for the benefit of local hiring managers. Some of these managers may have never engaged an MSP prior to ours. Furthermore, a branded programme would support the high touch MSP service model desired by our customer.

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