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Workforce Visibility Informs Cost-Savings Strategies for Leading Financial Company

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Meeting Missions: Data-First Decision Making

Total workforce visibility is essential for companies looking to make data-led decisions for cost savings, workforce expansion, developing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals, and supplier optimization. As a global financial institution, our client runs a large, complex, data-driven business. They require a managed service provider (MSP) solution that provides real-time data and full visibility into a nearly 19,000-strong workforce – plus, robust analysis for building a flexible workforce plan to lead them into the future.

As their reach continued to grow and expand, our client’s leadership team recognized there were several workforce challenges that needed to be addressed. Lack of visibility prevented our client from seeing the full scope of spend and quality and the skills needed to get the work done. Our client also faced concerns with reporting accuracy and analytics– which made it difficult to develop a strong future-focused workforce plan.

Enter Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). For the past 12 years, AGS has worked together with our client to deliver a clear and total view of its workforce that has been essential to making data-informed decisions to identify cost savings and advance the company moving forward.

Taking Action: Total Visibility Leads to Optimal Strategies

Like AGS, our client isn’t satisfied with the status quo. They’re continuously looking to improve and evolve to achieve their goal of a versatile, future-forward program.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of the company’s workforce, suppliers and ongoing goals, our team deployed Brightfield TDX in tandem with our Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform to gain full visibility of the contingent workforce. This allowed for a complete assessment of the work being done, suppliers being used, the rates being used and any gaps in the workforce. Acumen and other tools provided proactive monitoring of program data for a real-time view of pertinent workforce information. These tools revealed performance issues and discrepancies between candidate experience level, the rate card and market rates.

Leveraging the Rate Intelligence feature of Brightfield TDX among other tools, our team proactively identified true candidate experience levels and the impact on bill rates based on specific locations. These tools also provided real-time, accurate data to inform a future-looking predictive analysis that revealed the correct market rates for the required skills, creating an immediate cost-savings opportunity for our client and paving the way for better analysis of the market moving forward.

Beyond cost savings, visibility has proved valuable to achieving our client’s DEI goals as well. Year over year we exceeded our client’s DEI goals with marked increases over the course of two years. Our client’s spend with diverse-owned suppliers increased in Canada from 8% to 41% and in the United States from 59% to 62%. AGS took a global view of the business and leveraged best practices to increase supplier diversity, including:

  • Aligning diverse suppliers to their skills and relevant business lines
  • Expanding diverse suppliers’ opportunities to new business lines
  • Leveraging internal diverse supplier programs
  • Onboarding indigenous-owned and diverse-owned payroll providers
  • Mentoring diverse-owned suppliers to help them understand how to support an MSP program and how to work with operations teams
  • Ensuring 50% of each distribution list comprises diverse suppliers, where possible

Delivering Impact: Managing Total Cost of an Expanded Workforce

After years of managing a robust MSP program with proven results for our client, AGS launched resource tracking in 2022, providing the client with visibility of nearly 19,000 workers. Our client procures talent globally and needed to have a consistent tracking system that allowed leadership to know everyone that touched its system. It gave our client the ability to view when contingent workers were starting and leaving and allowed them to add and terminate system access in a timely manner. From a controls perspective, this was a vital piece of labor management that was missing. Now, our client has a complete view of what their current workforce really looks like.

We have also supported our client through recent M&A activity, by centralizing the visibility of the entire workforce to include the additional workers from the other companies. We ensured that all rates were in alignment with the skill sets for each location – balancing cost, time to fill, new markets, capability and retention to source the best workers for each assignment. We expanded technology to retrieve real-time data that provides the client with the information needed to continue refining a robust and versatile workforce strategy.

With the solutions delivered during the expansions, the client increased our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to a best-in-class score of 62. Established as a trusted partnership, we continue to yield positive results for the client and “Best in Class” scores for AGS.