Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform

Maximize your workforce potential with powerful analytics, the largest database of labor and an unmatched technology ecosystem that supercharges business success.
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A Technology Ecosystem Built to Inspire

Changes in enterprise strategies and candidate expectations can make decisions between whether to hire permanent staff or leverage the extended workforce difficult. With the Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform, you can access reliable data and advanced technology to help you secure the right resource every time.

Gain Faster Access to Talent

Aggregate your internal talent pools (CRM, ATS, VMS) with multiple external data sources. Leverage machine learning and proprietary intelligent algorithms to view skilled workers in one place. Uncover untapped pools of talent.

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

See the strongest skill sets from permanent and contingent workforce pools. Gain the right combination of talent to get work done at the right time, all the time.

Analyze and Predict Success

Match all forms of work with all forms of talent to drive real results. Apply a suite of best-in-class technology to assess capabilities and predict candidate performance.

Attract, Engage and Excite

Keep candidates engaged. Create a great experience through a branded, community-based environment. Always have skilled workers ready to make an impact.

Prioritize the User Experience

Amplify and power your teams to success and satisfaction. The Acumen Intelligent Workforce Platform is built from the ground up from a candidate, recruiter and hiring manager perspective, making it easy to consume data on demand.

Partner with a Workforce Technology Leader

At AGS, we’re driving the next evolution in managing the extended and permanent workforce through The Universal Workforce Model. Come along for the ride. Process automation, data centralization and continuous technology and data investments make our recruiting teams more efficient and best equipped to deliver excellent service – better than anyone else in the market.

Leverage Best-in-Class Technology Solutions

Access AGS’ marketplace of highly vetted, best-in-breed solutions and service providers through a single sign-on.

Get the Tools You Need, Not Those You Don’t

Keep your focus on the tools that matter most for your workforce strategy goals. Our workforce experts take a plug-and-play approach to build your perfect technology stack.

Scale When You Need To

Enjoy a technology solution that’s secure and flexible. Iterate quickly with AGS’ robust, stable architecture so you can evolve with changing business needs and benefit from future technology innovation faster.

Acumen’s modular approach to workforce technology

Make Workforce Visibility a Competitive Advantage

How do you use the full power of your workforce data to achieve business outcomes? Read case studies about clients AGS has helped to engage more candidates, expand supplier relationships and boost inclusion and diversity while avoiding costly rate decisions and compliance risks.