Proactive Partnership

Accessing Talent, Delivering Value for Managed Care Provider

Impact At a Glance


on-time vendor services renewals


best-in-class NPS score

~ $15M

in estimated cost savings in one year

Meeting Missions: Ensuring a Better Client Experience

As a national managed care provider, our client has a dynamic and complex service footprint. Experiencing rapid growth through acquisitions and demanding peak benefit enrollment periods, our client’s talent acquisition team knew it needed to tap into the extended workforce to get work done; however, there was resistance internally from hiring managers skeptical about finding quality candidates outside of full-time hires.

The client turned to Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) to run its first contingent workforce program to not only centralize and better manage risks, costs and consistency across the company, but to also be an agent for change.

With data-led analysis from the Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform, a deep dive into their business needs and a proven track record, we developed a multiphase plan for engaging the contingent workforce that addressed the client’s goals.

Taking Action: Full-Coverage Workforce Planning

As a client that was new to partnering with an MSP, it was imperative that we develop a solid data-led workforce plan that we could deploy in multiple phases that would yield measurable and repeatable successes. The program quickly:

  • Provided an in-depth assessment of the client’s entire workforce and the overall goals of the business
  • Optimized the client’s more than 200 suppliers with greater emphasis on quality candidates
  • Increased visibility of their entire contingent workforce to build continued success
  • Implemented a compliance and risk mitigation process that covered the unique regulations for each of the 50 US states
  • Augmented a pool of diverse suppliers to reach diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals

Since the client’s needs are cyclical – with an increased need for skilled, trained workers for one quarter of the year – we embedded anticipated-demand workforce planning and candidate training within the program to be able to ramp up quickly for higher-yield seasons.

In addition to cyclical hiring challenges, the client’s workers were primarily remote and located across the nation. Due to the vast differences in cost of living and salaries in various cities, managing rate cards was challenging. Identifying a more manageable and cost-saving solution for this pain point was critical. In response, we utilized Acumen to develop a remote worker rate card to create a more predictable and manageable payment process and reduce overpayment.

Delivering Impact: Rejuvenating Networks for Healthier Communities

First-time partnerships often require building trust with measurable wins, effective consultation and proven results. Our team partnered closely with the client and delivered big impacts, such as:

  • Reducing the number of suppliers for the health plan base from 92 to 24
  • Doubling diversity spend in just three years
  • Implementing a remote worker rate card process for increased cost savings

Following these successes, we identified cost savings and implemented solutions for several additional client concerns.

Process Improvements and Supply Chain Optimization

For example, recent process implementations provided an additional ~$15 million in cost savings in just one year. Moreover, an enhanced shortlisting process strengthened supplier partnerships and improved intake discussions and market insights. These optimizations efforts reduced the time to offer to just over two weeks.

The client was also deeply concerned about losing trained workers to rehiring limitations, so being able to convert contractors to full-time employee (FTE) status would protect its investment in new workers and improve knowledge retention. In just two years, conversion rates to FTE improved by 28%.

Commitment to Continual Improvement

Over the four-year partnership, AGS improved visibility, compliance and risk mitigation in our client’s contingent workforce program and built a program that is viewed as a strategic part of their talent ecosystem. And we’re continuously improving and optimizing to deliver value and drive impact.

We addressed the client’s initial reluctance to engage an extended workforce by focusing on operational excellence, monthly hiring manager training and direct communication, which helped drive the client’s satisfaction with the program to a best-in-class NPS score of 81. These results have inspired the client’s confidence in our ability to deliver forward-thinking workforce solutions – and as a result, the client has added statement of work (SOW) and independent contractors to AGS’ management responsibilities, leading to another $667,000 in identified cost savings and providing a path for future success.