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Construction Equipment Manufacturer Expands Successful MSP Programme in India

Impact At a Glance


years of partnership in India

300 to 3,000

headcount from start of partnership in India to present

76 to 30

reduction in time-to-fill days

Meeting Missions: Constructing Better Processes, Hiring Timelines

With a successful managed service provider (MSP) partnership with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) in the US already underway, a leading global manufacturer of construction equipment didn’t have to look far when it sought to expand its operations in India.

Three years after launching the US programme, the client engaged AGS to manage programme adoption in India, including growing the contingent workforce, increasing active suppliers, reducing time-to-fill and failure-to-start rates, and boosting process and system accuracy. In January 2023, the client also enlisted AGS to engage a global resource tracking system. 

Taking Action: Blueprint for Successful Programme Adoption in India

When the programme went live, the client had approximately 300 contingent workers, and now – more than 10 years later – the client has a nearly 3,000-strong contingent workforce in India. In particular, our programme focuses on highly skilled workers in professional roles, such as IT and mechanical skill sets. A key element to this programme’s success has been that several team members in the project management office (PMO) have background and experience in these specialised areas of expertise

Achieving 10-times growth in 10 years has been a direct result of AGS’ best practices, flexibility and consistent performance in several key areas, including:

Data and Insights

Prior to the India go-live, the client was operating disparate, manual systems to track worker data. AGS developed a dashboard to allow for real-time visibility into monthly outcomes and provide insights and recommendations to improve cycle times across the process. In addition, we helped the client streamline vendor management system (VMS) integration, bringing it in line with regional requirements.

Supply Chain Management

Before bringing AGS on board to manage programme adoption in India, the client had decentralised processes and supplier communities across sites, which impacted visibility. The client was also uncertain if rates aligned to market standards. AGS developed a customised supply chain strategy to support multiple business lines; provided rate card consultation; devised market-linked pricing models appropriate for each business line; introduced supplier scorecards; and reviewed mechanisms for improving relationships with strategic suppliers.

Risk and Compliance

The client’s inconsistent onboarding and offboarding processes were leading to unknown levels of risk and compliance. The AGS team streamlined these processes by paying attention to the regional nuances of background clearance and establishing notice periods to create a personalised experience. We also utilised various internal tools to automate processes, including invoicing, which was previously a pain point for suppliers.

Delivering Impact: Concrete Improvements, Sustained Results

One of our longest-tenured partnerships in India, this decade-long programme has demonstrated continual improvements in client user experience and adoption, including:

  • Growing the contingent workforce headcount from 300 to 3,000
  • Increasing active suppliers from 6 to 33
  • Reducing time-to-fill days from 76 to 30
  • Improving system accuracy by 100%

AGS continues to earn the confidence of the client, and our sustained results have strengthened the foundation of our MSP partnership and helped it grow. In January 2023, the AGS team in India was asked to provide insights on 18,000 resources globally, from onboarding to offboarding.

The client is confident in our workforce expertise – and we have proven that through our innovative sourcing strategies and consistent performance, we are here to support them through the entire contingent workforce management process.