Direct Sourcing Solutions

Open new sourcing channels for your extended workforce and better leverage “known talent” from your ATS, CRM or referral channel.
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Curate a Flexible Workforce Supply for Challenging Talent Needs

In a tight labor market, it’s challenging to attract and engage the extended workforce. So, when a specific talent need requires an approach outside your current workforce supply chain, where can you turn? For companies already engaged with a managed service provider (MSP) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner, direct sourcing provides an answer.

Direct sourcing supplements a managed services program by focusing on pre-determined job categories through a dedicated sourcing channel. In these cases, our recruiters – rather than staffing suppliers – fill contract assignments, meeting the needs of small to mid-market and enterprise customers alike. The result? Efficient sourcing without sacrificing talent quality.

Shorten the Recruitment Cycle

Leverage your company’s brand, the most advanced talent technology ecosystem and experienced recruiting specialists to attract and engage contingent workers faster for a better candidate experience.

Gain Cost Savings and Visibility

Reduce costs with competitive pricing and achieve total visibility into your contingent labor with workforce data insights reporting and analytics.

Meet Your Diversity Goals

Drive strong diversity hiring efforts within a privately branded talent pool.

Pivot Quickly to Stay Ahead

Gain the agility to adapt to market changes under the guidance of an experienced, integrated sourcing team.

”We estimate that around $1B of annual contingent labor spend is currently managed via Direct Sourcing, with about 5% corporate adoption. Looking ahead, we expect this figure to grow 10-15x over the next 5 years as more clients embrace the model and expand their scope and spend under management.”

Talent Tech Labs
Direct Sourcing: The Future of Contingent Workforce Management, 2021

Bring Contingent Labor Transformation to Life

The ability to mobilize a client’s brand and attract the best talent through that brand – with the power of AGS workforce solutions experts behind it – means we can bring a successful contingent labor transformation to life.
As experts in direct sourcing, we apply our world-class workforce ecosystem that includes:

The backing of Allegis Group and its network of the largest staffing suppliers around the globe

Access to the largest, proprietary contingent workforce database worldwide

AGS’ Acumen Workforce Intelligence® platform to enable data-driven decision-making

Best-in-breed technology solutions integrated with QuantumWork, our intelligent sourcing platform to drive machine learning and AI outcomes

“AGS are a valued part of our talent acquisition offering. They are a true recruitment partner, using our brand and their expertise in the market to attract the best talent through their direct recruitment function. They do this whilst being cost efficient and providing a quick, high touch service to our hiring managers.”

- Head of Talent Acquisition with a Global Payments Technology Company

Is Direct Sourcing the Answer in a Tight Labor Market?

TalentNet enables many of the world’s most recognizable brands to directly source and engage brand-attracted talent through its market-leading direct source platform. TalentNet partner and COO Justin Lumby appeared on AGS’ Subject to Talent podcast to discuss the impact of today’s tight labor market on how organizations are strategically approaching attracting and hiring talent into their organizations as well as hypothesize about what the future of the talent industry will look like. Let’s listen!

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