Direct Sourcing Solutions

Unleash extended workforce sourcing solutions to leverage the human potential inside your ATS, CRM or referral channel.
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What is Direct Sourcing?

It’s tough to attract and engage the extended workforce. So, when a specific need requires something beyond your current supply chain, where do you turn? For many, the answer is direct sourcing.

Direct sourcing supplements a managed service provider program. Focusing on pre-determined job categories. Leveraging a dedicated sourcing channel. Using recruiters to fill contract assignments – not staffing suppliers. The result? Efficient sourcing solutions without sacrificing quality. How enterprising is that?

Shorten the Recruitment Cycle

Engage expert recruiters. Capitalize on your brand equity. Attract contingent workers faster. Deliver a better candidate experience.

Achieve Your Diversity Goals

Drive strong diversity hiring efforts. Tap a privately branded talent pool. Unlock better approaches to meet DEI commitments.

Gain Cost Savings and Visibility

Unleash program savings with competitive pricing. See all contingent labor options. Make data-driven decisions with analytics.

Pivot Quickly to Stay Ahead

Adapt to labor market changes with ease. Develop talent communities ready and available for future skills need.

Watch and Learn

Take Advantage of AGS’ World-Class Workforce Ecosystem

Expertise & Scale

The backing of Allegis Group and its global network of staffing suppliers

Candidate Network

Access to the largest, proprietary contingent workforce database worldwide

Best Ecosystem

Insight to forecast, source, assess and engage with AGS’ Acumen® intelligent workforce platform

4 Things to Know About Direct Sourcing

When the demand for talent exceeds supply. Apply these four methods to bring successful contingent labor transformation to life.