Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform

Achieve better workforce results today — and enable the skills-based workforce of tomorrow — with a technology ecosystem that delivers an unrivaled combination of connectivity, insight and automation.
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The Best Work Better with Acumen

By seamlessly integrating all your workforce data sets with the anonymized data streams of the world’s largest and industry-leading companies, the Acumen Intelligent Workforce Platform provides you instant access to billions of data points and millions of candidates — all integrated into one platform. The result is unmatched visibility into your entire workforce, including permanent, freelance, contingent and service providers.

Gain Faster Access to Talent

Combine your internal talent pools (CRM, ATS, VMS) with multiple external data sources, then leverage machine learning and proprietary intelligent algorithms to discover untapped pools of talent and view a larger selection of skilled workers — all in one place.

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Source the right combination of talent to get work done at the right time, all the time—identifying the strongest skill sets from permanent and contingent workforce pools.

Analyze and Predict Success

Drive real results by applying a suite of best-in-class technologies that match all forms of work with all forms of talent by assessing capabilities and predicting candidate performance.

Attract, Engage and Excite

Always have skilled workers ready to make an impact by creating a branded, community-based environment that attracts and engages the best candidates.

Prioritize the User Experience

Candidates, recruiters and hiring managers easily consume information on demand, thanks to a technology ecosystem that’s built from the ground up with multiple perspectives in mind.

Build a Workforce that Meets Missions

At AGS, we’re driving the next evolution in managing the extended and permanent workforce through The Universal Workforce Model. Come along for the ride. Discover how process automation and data centralization, with continuous technology and data investments, make our recruiting teams more efficient and best equipped to deliver superior service.

Leverage Best-in-Class Technology Solutions

Access AGS’ marketplace of highly vetted, best-in-breed solutions and service providers through a single sign-on.

Get the Tools You Need, Not Those You Don’t

Focus on the tools that matter most for your strategic workforce goals. Our workforce experts take a plug-and-play approach to build your perfect technology stack.

Scale When You Need To

Deploy a technology solution that’s secure and flexible. Iterate quickly with AGS’ robust, stable architecture so you can evolve with changing business needs and benefit from future innovations faster.

Acumen’s modular approach to workforce technology

Workforce Visibility: Your New Competitive Advantage

Learn how some of the world’s leading companies have partnered with AGS to engage more candidates, expand supplier relationships and boost inclusion and diversity while avoiding costly rate decisions and compliance risks.