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Empowering Your Workforce Capabilities

Because we execute programs shrewdly and focus on what’s next, your decision-making prowess and our ability to deliver meaningful outcomes for your business multiply exponentially.
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Driving Growth and Evolution

Our teams are successful in our ability to deliver award-winning workforce capabilities because we stay curious and maintain a service mentality. We take ownership and remain dedicated to excellence. And we build lasting relationships through a relentless commitment to running, growing and transforming each client’s program by being authentic, bold and bringing diverse, capable minds to solve your most complex challenges.

  • A Centralized Structure: At the heart of our ability to deliver effective workforce solutions is our Global Business Services (GBS) division. Made up of centralized functions such as customer enablement, technology, analytics, and business and customer transformation, GBS’ focus is to build and deliver forward-thinking, high-impact, agile solutions that drive success for our customers today and tomorrow.
  • Smooth Implementations: Embarking on a new MSP, RPO, services procurement or direct sourcing program may seem daunting. But our experts have led implementations of new workforce management programs and program expansions for decades. We’ll help you make a switch and be glad you did.
  • World-Class Delivery: We support clients both in-country and remotely through delivery centers and at client locations. This approach ensures each program is configured to meet specific regional and local needs. And we provide a team of subject matter experts to ensure a world-class operation.
  • Automation Solutions: Our approach to process automation provides endless opportunities for innovation. By streamlining, monitoring and enabling enterprise-wide intelligent automation solutions, we apply predictive analytics capabilities to best inform our clients about upcoming areas of opportunity, threats and trends.

Acumen: A Path to Technology Enablement

When strategy and technology align, positive outcomes accelerate. AGS is always innovating and investing in technologies to advance our industry. That means our workforce intelligence capabilities power your ability to move faster and smarter – and improve the work experience for all.

  • Recruiters want tools to navigate a vast digital environment.
  • Hiring managers need intelligence, interviewing solutions and predictive assessments.
  • Workers expect transparency and 24/7 consumer-like experiences and interactions.
  • Leaders require visibility and market data for sound decisions.

Our Acumen® Intelligent Workforce Platform delivers all of this and more. We turn data into information and knowledge, so our clients can experience cutting-edge tech, expand candidate pools and maximize business opportunities leading to measurable results.

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DEI Marketplace Solutions: Fostering a Sense of Belonging

As diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) continue to impact a company’s ability to innovate, compete and attract and retain enterprising skill sets, you need stronger workforce capabilities and the right partner to manage them. AGS continuously strives for excellence in this area with boundless opportunities for growth and impact.

  • Employer Branding: Investing in diversity sourcing technologies and tailoring messaging to attract broad skill sets and demonstrate your brand promise.
  • Talent Diversity: Providing solutions to capture workforce demographic data, mitigate bias, upskill talent and attract unique skill sets.
  • Supplier Diversity: Expanding and developing a diverse staffing supplier community that excels in performance and meets your DEI goals.
  • Advisory Services: Using diagnostics, technology and bias mitigation strategies to coach companies through change.

Ignite Marketing: Harnessing Your Employer Brand

Engaging the right audience is hard enough. But if you lack a compelling employer brand story, you’ll fail to stand out or foster needed connections and communities to thrive. Here is where the workforce capabilities of our Ignite Marketing team shine.

  • Strategic Recruitment Marketing: Bolstering your company story in creative ways to target desired candidates.
  • MSP Program Marketing: Solutions to drive engagement with your company’s MSP program to ensure success.
  • Employer Branding: Amplifying your culture and company story to sell your unique values and opportunities.
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