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AGS INTELLECT is our market leading technology solution, integrating some of the most innovative recruiting tools and cutting-edge hiring technologies on the market into a single, simple and scalable solution.

From sourcing to selection, from recruitment advertising to candidate onboarding, Intellect supports every step of the process with intuitive technologies, increasing productivity and improving the recruiting experience for all. INTELLECT is perfect for any employer regardless of where or not they are considering a move to an RPO.

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AGS INTELLECT Intergrated Core Systems

INTELLECT combines the cutting-edge capabilities of some of the most powerful and effective tools in talent acquisition today. AGS provides custom integrations, actionable analytics and future looking functionality such as automated talent pipelines, CRMs fully enabled with conversational AI and a ton of other tools designed to automate and enhances existing hiring processes and procedures. The services include key capability outlined below:

Recruitment Marketing Platform/CRM
From career site management to mobile recruiting, social media to core CRM capabilities, this core platform has your recruitment marketing needs covered.

Dynamic Profiles & Automated Sourcing
Never waste time direct sourcing or prescreening passive candidates again. AGS intellect aggregates all the talent you need, all in one place making sourcing simple with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

Resume Screening
Let the bots handle the hard work of screening thousands of candidates in seconds! The Intellect stack integrates directly into your ATS, reviewing and ranking resumes from both existing databases and new applicants alike.

AI Recruiting Assistant
Olivia is a personal assistant for your recruiting process, providing employers with everything from candidate screening to interview scheduling – all automated and AI enabled. Engage candidates at the point of interest and best of all, Olivia never stops learning how to work to help you work better, smarter and faster.

Our Proprietary Database – 30 million+ and growing by 9,000 per week. AGS provides access to the best candidates, pipelines for future needs and industry analytics.

Career Site Management – Personalized career site maintains your company’s brand and enhances candidate experience.

Onboarding – AGS utilizes a candidate workflow engagement engine designed to optimize engagement throughout the onboarding process.