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HR Technology Empowers Your Workforce Strategy

Great technology enablement is critical to success for every workforce stakeholder. Recruiters need tools to navigate a vast digital environment. Hiring managers need intelligence, interviewing solutions and predictive assessments. Workers expect transparency and anytime-anywhere consumer-like experience and interaction. And leaders require visibility and market data for sound decisions.

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Maximize Business Opportunity

When strategy and technology align, positive outcomes accelerate. How do you bring the HR technology to bear that enables every stakeholder to be part of your success story? Expertise, relationships and an integrated best-in-breed technology stack provide the answer. As part of Allegis Group, the global leader in talent solutions, AGS is continuously innovating and investing in HR technologies that advance our industry. That means we can power your ability to move faster and smarter—and improve the work experience for all.

Expand Your Candidate Pool

Mitigating bias and engaging with historically underrepresented populations is critical to driving diversity, equality and inclusion within an organization. Take advantage of our relationships to digitally target and engage with the talent skill sets you seek.

Execute More Intelligently

Organize and acquire talent intelligently with QuantumWork, a cloud-based technology platform that empowers you to hire better and faster.

Experience Cutting-Edge Talent Tech

Don’t be stuck with the status quo. We’re continuously investing in new capabilities like intelligent automation and machine learning. Leveraging flexible technologies that evolve to meet new demands, our approach to innovation helps companies stay in front of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Earn a Greater Return on Tech Investment

Tools alone will not accomplish goals; they need to be implemented well to work for your business, aligned to strategy and accompanied with the right processes and teams to support them. Our decades of expertise, continuous investment in innovation and curated partnerships ensure increased adoption to drive a true ROI for your business.

Hire Better, Faster

"With the agility and grit of a startup, QuantumWork also offers the stability and scalability of an established tech provider–the best of both worlds for our product and our customers using it to hire better, faster with data-driven decisions."

- Steve Parker, Founder / Head of Product and Technology, QuantumWork
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Leveraging the Right HR Technology Stack


Augment, enhance or maximize the value of your CRM, ATS and VMS systems with QuantumWork, our proprietary platform that aggregates talent intelligence and analytics in a single view to make recruiting efforts more efficient and effective


A custom contract analytics service, DocuSiftSM is recognized for its ability to uncover buried data with deeper visibility into services procurement spend, activity and supplier performance to save you money and help you manage resources more effectively

Talent Tech Labs

Looking for what’s next and what’s possible, we’re a primary investor in Talent Tech Labs, a research and advisory firm specializing in analyzing talent technologies that solve the business and recruiting challenges of talent acquisition and HR.


With talent intelligence, AI and incredible search and match technology, AGS partner HiringSolved drives significant impacts — like increased efficiency, reduced hiring costs and more diverse pipelines — through just one platform

Getting Hired

Getting Hired, an Allegis Group company, is a professional network of full-time and contract labor, which provides both seekers and employers with an industry-leading marketplace of diversity-related products and services.

Smart Power: A Glance at Evolving Talent Technologies

You’re not alone; 94 percent of HR decision-makers experience challenges in keeping up with the latest talent technology trends and developments. In this report, we provide survey data from 1,000 HR decision-makers about their current and future use of select talent technologies, plus perspectives on how to drive successful implementations.

 Technology Innovation: A Path to Smarter Talent Management