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Workforce Analytics to Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions

From determining the right rates to attract the workers you need, to tracking your competitors for talent, to monitoring how markets are changing — you need the ability to quickly adjust to stay competitive. But while your data holds the answers to taking smart, decisive action, data aggregation, accuracy and finding a single point of truth can be significant roadblocks.

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Transform How You Use Data

Hunches and instinct are not enough to drive a sound strategy. To win in the world of work, informed decisions are essential. Advanced analytics from Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) provide the real intelligence to help you make the right move, every time. More than just reporting raw data, workforce analytics deliver real-time visibility, benchmarking and both predictive and prescriptive insight to tap into the power of your data for better decision-making:

Anticipate What’s Ahead

Prescriptive and predictive analytics give you a clear path forward, empowering you with recommended actions and expected impacts based on data, not assumptions

Aggregate All of Your Talent

Organize and acquire talent intelligently with QuantumWork, a cloud-based technology platform that empowers you to hire better and faster.

Access Industry Data

Gain a clearer view of the landscape by tapping into the largest database of contingent and services procurement data in the industry, along with the most advanced candidate data tools to support talent acquisition from across the entire supply of potential workers

Advance Your Performance

Are you doing what it takes to compete in your markets? Comparative analytics reveal how your program is performing against industry and regional organizations, so you can make improvements where they’re needed most.

Adjust Workforce Strategy in Real Time

Don’t wait for quarterly and yearly reports. Track benchmarks, trends and performance against your business goals in real-time to pivot earlier and more accurately.

Leading the World of Work

“[AGS’] dedicated investments in building a strong procurement practice and offerings – particularly in its proprietary analytics platform ACUMEN and contract analytics tool DocuSift, which leverages innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – have contributed to Allegis’ positioning as a Leader and Star Performer on Everest Group's Services Procurement PEAK Matrix®.”

- Arkadev Basak, Vice President, Everest Group

Read What Industry Experts Are Saying

Workforce Analytics Capabilities

ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence

A proprietary analytics platform that visualizes and measures real-time program success, and identifies ways to maximize the potential of your non-employee workforce with one view of market conditions, market pricing, operational performance and supplier performance

Brightfield Partnership

Setting a new standard in high-performance extended workforce management for forward-thinking enterprises to optimize performance and spend across the entirety of their contract labor and services category as Brightfield’s first Platinum MSP Partner and the first to have our teams certified on its TDX platform

Labor Market Insights

Comparative research and informed intelligence around the sourcing and pricing of talent, capturing global rate benchmarking and economic trends, as well as data on workforce supply and demand to help you make data-driven decisions

Services Spend Analysis

DocuSiftSM contract analytics, powered by machine learning technology, uncovering buried data in statements of work (SOW) with deep visibility into services procurement spend, activity and supplier capabilities to save you money, mitigate risk and help you manage resources more effectively and compliantly

QuantumWork Talent Aggregation Platform

A single view into the complete talent landscape, including full-time, part-time, contractor, and on-demand candidates – past and present – to make recruiting efforts more efficient and informed based on project needs, your organization's hiring history, current market analytics and available talent

Globality Partnership

Enables AGS Procurement Solutions customers to benefit from real-time data and intelligence on supplier performance and capabilities through Globality’s self-serve sourcing platform, leading to better buying decisions and more strategic services engagement

Connect Workforce Data to Better Decisions

AGS customers depend on us to help them better understand workforce data. Our report features 10 examples across multiple industries and regions, highlighting how workforce intelligence informs more impactful business outcomes. In each case, the use of data and analytics, along with human expertise and advice, shapes a course of action to apply data in new ways.