Workforce Consulting & Advisory Services

Actionable insight for total talent transformations

Understanding and planning for workforce challenges on both a global and local scale is essential to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Our specialized Advisory Services team of professionals brings expertise and best practices in talent acquisition, business process design and workforce optimization to your organization. We offer a range of diagnostic and consulting services to ensure you are effectively managing your labor needs, and achieving the highest returns on your talent investment. We can help you address questions such as:

  • Which organizations in our company use contingent versus permanent labor, and how?
  • How, and from where, is our company’s talent being sourced?
  • Are we leveraging the optimal mix of talent pools available to us for recruiting?
  • What skills and experience are being fulfilled with contingent labor versus permanent staff?
  • How is spending on labor being tracked and measured?
  • Are the salaries we pay competitive with local markets?
  • What opportunities exist to drive process and cost efficiencies in our talent recruiting process?
Crowdsourcing: The new trend in "Getting Work Done"

Crowdsourcing: The new trend in "Getting Work Done"

The world of work is evolving and changing everyday. We are now living in an As-a-Service (aaS) economy. Whether it’s the software used by businesses or everyday actions such as taking a taxi, the (aaS) concept is increasingly evident in almost every aspect of our lives.

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Workforce Consulting Practice Areas

Our consultants help you clarify your company's workforce goals and ensure every possible avenue is explored to meet them, through any or all of the following practice areas:

In each of these areas, we make recommendations that draw from industry best practices, allowing you to access how you fare against benchmarks unique to your organization's business, culture, and market.

Thought Leadership

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