Program Offices: One-Stop Workforce Management

An MSP solution that delivers the power of one

The Allegis Global Solutions Program Office delivers the power of one: A one-stop destination for your entire MSP operation. One point of contact for your many suppliers, hiring managers and contractors. One set of rates with appropriate rate cards. One pipeline of skilled candidates who help keep your organization operating at peak performance.

Our Program Office can reside on-site at your organization, off-site or as a combined model—it’s up to you. Wherever you choose to locate it, the Program Office serves as your:

  • Central point-of-contact for all contingent labor-related matters
  • Support resource for users and suppliers
  • First-tier help desk for systems administration
  • Source for consolidated invoicing, supplier payment and program reporting
  • SOW/services procurement and IC compliance support center
How to be the perfect MSP Client

How to be the perfect MSP Client

For this white paper, a study was performed where two client populations were analyzed on a series of factors and data that were considered to be 'best-in-class' differentiators to client success. The results determined which factors impacted the program's ROI and what actually creates an MSP program that achieves or exceeds the clients' organizational goals.

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Your Program Office keeps your contingent workforce operations running smoothly by handling all of the following:

  • Requisition support
  • User support and training
  • Supplier vetting
  • Supplier contracts administration
  • Supplier systems training
  • Supplier performance tracking, monitoring and coaching
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Time sheet tracking
  • Program performance monitoring and reporting
  • Diversity spend management
  • Diverse supplier mentoring program

Our financial models are as flexible as our delivery methods. For example, your MSP solution can be supplier-funded, which means that management costs are absorbed by the supply chain at no cost to our clients. This saves you from upfront capital expenditures while giving the supplier community the opportunity to compete for an increased market share and reduce their overhead costs.

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